competition rules

Below you will find all the necessary information governing this competition.

  • Parties Identities

    Decathlon SA, a limited company whose registered office is situated at 4 boulevard de Mons in Villeneuve d'Ascq 59650, registered on the Lille Métropole Companies and Business Register under n° 306 138 900 (hereafter the Organiser).

    Any individual or legal entity having shown a wish to participate in the competition by subscribing and having accepted these regulations (hereafter the "Applicant").

  • Object

    These regulations (hereafter the "Regulations") provide the framework for participation by the Applicant in an architecture competition "Tomorrow's Decathlon" (hereafter the "Competition") organised by the Organiser.

  • Applicants

    The Competition is open to any individual or legal entity whatever their nationality, place of residence or establishment. Participation in the Competition is free.

    Applicants are divided into two objective categories :

    • The "Professional" Category comprising all Applicants currently carrying out professional activity relating to architectural design (legal entities, architects, graphic artists, designers, town planners, etc.)
    • The "Nonprofessional" Category, comprising all Applicants not exercising any professional activity relating to architectural design (students, other professions etc) The latter acknowledge that they take part on an exclusively personal basis without any legal, commercial, employment or academic obligation, etc.)

    Each Applicant :

    • guarantees that their participation is free and voluntary and that they understand and will comply with regulations for participation ;
    • guarantees that their participation is not in breach and/or contradicts any undertaking that they may have made to any third party (employer, customer, contractual partners, etc.) ;
    • guarantees that they have no knowledge of any prior rights or rights held by third parties over the project that they propose ;
  • Team Participation

    Applicants may compete in a team to share their skills in meeting the objects of the Competition. Where appropriate, Applicants are responsible for appointing a contractual representative (hereafter the "Representative") with whom the Organiser will have contact exclusively throughout the Competition. The Representative is appointed by the Applicants to register them for the Competition and to enter into the contract for the assignment of rights and agree to the Regulations. The Representative is irrefutably presumed have a power of attorney from each Applicant named in the entry form to register them and contract in their name and on their behalf.

    It is mandatory that the team comprises Applicants from the same category.

  • Conditions for participation

    One single Applicant or any one team may participate once in the Competition with the same project.

    As the proposals fall within the context of a competition of ideas they do not presuppose, in any event, any project manager to be appointed to carry out the operation.

    All Applicants or teams participating in the Competition undertake to sign and comply with the various documents supplied upon entry.

    Individual acceptance of the Contract for the Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights is obligatory for participation as a single Applicant or team.

  • Entry

    Competition entry is exclusively via the internet site www. (menu: entry) at the latest by 30 September 2017 before midnight (French time) :

    • Complete the online entry form ;
    • Supply a copy of their identity card via the online form ;
    • Accept the Regulations and the Contract for the Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights ;

    Approval of entries will be carried out on receipt of the completed application. Acceptance of entries will be confirmed to Applicants by email using a participation number for identifying returns

  • Competition Arrangements

    The Competition will take place according to the following timetable:

    • 24 August 2017: Competition launch and familiarising participants on the subject and the brief
    • 30 September 2017: The closing of entries (midnight French time)
    • 15 November 2017: Last date for accepting returns (midnight French time)
    • 11 December 2017: Public notification of the selection of 2 winners
    • 11 January 2018: The awarding of prizes
  • Conditions for participation and returns

    The digital return is obligatory. It comprised 9 A3 pages in colour in landscape format (300dpi).

    It is obligatory that returns are filed on via the appropriate function.

    Completed returns are to be filed at the latest by 15 November 2017 before midnight (French time) on the Internet site (menu:”returns”)

    A participation Number is automatically allocated to each project upon entry.

    There is to be no way of identifying the Applicant or the project team under penalty of exclusion from the competition.

    Upon lifting anonymity, a link will be automatically made between the participation Number and the composition of the team from the Internet site database.

    Applicants are to send back the following documents drafted in French or in English:

    • PAGE 01 : presentation page//proposal title (accompanied by a plan/design) and the participation Number (sent by email at the time of confirming entry to the Competition).
    • PAGE 02 : a note setting out the procedures with the architectural and/or graphical bias of the proposed solution.
    • PAGE 03 : technical aspects of implementation succinctly developed using plans, sketches, reference images etc.
    • PAGE 04 : ground plan and connections with its environment (scale of presentation with an indication of levels, materials etc.)
    • PAGE 05 : ground floor plan integrated in the ground plan.
    • PAGE 06 : a plan of the floor(s) and their function (scale of presentation, with indications of levels, materials etc.).
    • PAGE 07 : presentation of proposals for the internal or external facade(s) (scale of presentation is optional but is to be identical for each facade, with an indication of levels, materials etc.)
    • PAGE 08 : presentation of the proposal in external perspective. (2 " sketch or infographic" perspectives are required).
    • PAGE 09 : presentation of the proposal in detailed internal perspective. (4 free expression perspectives "sketch or computer graphics" are required)
  • Judging criteria

    The judgement of applications by competitors will be on the basis of the following:

    • 25% - innovation/ creativity in line with omnicanal
    • 25% - enhancement of the retail brand and its integration in its environment
    • 20% - architectural bias
    • 10% - sportive experience
    • 10% - relevance of the environmental process
    • 10% - clarity in expressing ideas and design
  • The composition of the jury

    • Anouk Legendre (XTU)
    • Bertrand Schippan (MVRDV)

    • Adeline Bouquet (architecte Decathlon)
    • Damien Beaghe (architecte Decathlon)
    • Ghislain Bonord (architecte Decathlon)
    • Isabelle Blondet Gonte (architecte Decathlon)
    • José Novais (directeur technique Decathlon)
    • Kiko Tébar (architecte Decathlon)
    • Lucas Agnello (architecte Decathlon)
    • Nicolas Chombart (directeur de création Decathlon)
  • Results and prizes (Professional and Non-professional category)
    • The Winner of the "Professional" Category will receive a prize of 10 000 (ten thousand) Euros.
    • The Winner of the "Non-professional" Category will receive a prize of 10 000 (ten thousand) Euros.

    Prizes will be awarded to individual participants or representatives of winning teams.

  • Replies to questions

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Question) on the Competition will be open on the Internet site throughout the Competition.

  • Guarantees

    The Organiser reserves the right to cancel the competition for any reason whatsoever. They undertake to inform participants but will not accept liability.

    The Organiser will not be liable in the event of damage or loss to projects.

    Participants undertake to participate in the competition fairly and on a personal basis. In particular they guarantee the Organiser that their project is original and that it is derived from their own thinking. They guarantee the Organiser against any third-party recourse in particular in relation to the project’s originality and/or authorship and against the payment of any related damages and interest.

  • Personal data

    Applicants accept that data recorded at the time of entry and participation in the Competition may be subject to computer processing, the purpose of which is to organise the Competition. Personal data will be processed throughout the term of the Competition until 24 months after the awarding of prizes and then stored for a term of three years.

  • Confidentiality

    The Applicant undertakes to treat all information coming to their attention in the context of the Competition in a strictly confidential way and not to disclose this information to third parties. This duty to confidentiality will continue to apply after the Competition for a term of ten (10) years. It will not apply to information, which at the time of its disclosure was already known to the Applicant having already been in the public domain and/or drawn to the attention of the Applicant following disclosure not constituting a breach of confidentiality by the receiving party and/or where the receiving party has been bound to disclose them, pursuant to legislative and regulatory provisions.

  • Applicable Law and Courts having Jurisdiction

    It is agreed that only French legislation will apply in interpreting these Regulations.

    No response will be made to any written or verbal request relating to interpretation or application of these Regulations.

    Any dispute or claim relating to this Competition is to be made in writing by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt and will not be taken into consideration after a time limit of one month from the date that the Competition ends. Any dispute will be decided in the last resort by the Organiser.

    Any fraud or non-compliance with these Regulations may result in exclusion of the Applicant from the Competition by the Organiser. The Organiser reserves the right to take court action.

    Any dispute relating to the interpretation or execution of these Regulations will be submitted where necessary to those courts having jurisdiction in the Lille district.

  • Arrangements for accepting these Regulations

    Acceptance of these Regulations is by " double-click" acceptance be during the entry procedure on the one hand by ticking the entry form box relating to understanding and accepting the Regulations and on the other hand in approval of the entry form.

    In the case of the entry of a team, the Representative accepts the Regulations on its behalf and for all of the Applicants named in the entry form.